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Exhibit Design Since the Sixties

Explore Michael Sand’s museum exhibits and other work. A work-in-progress, the collection spans decades of design history, cultural and political history, Boston city government, and more.

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We're slowly but steadily cataloging more than 14,000 digital images that Michael converted from his slides several years before his death. These images depict many of his projects, associates, and other subjects. We believe there may be even more undigitized slides in the physical archives.

At last count, known images span approximately 50 clients (give or take a dozen image sets that may or may not be client work), and 128 individual projects. So keep checking back for new material as we get it catalogued and online!

Uncatalogued projects

We have images associated with the following projects, but have yet to catalog them and get them online. If you're interested in accessing them for educational or editorial purposes, feel free to reach out and we'll do our best to accommodate your needs.

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