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Lowell Historic Preservation Commission

"The Lowell Historic Canal District Commission was established by Congress in January, 1975 (public Law 93-645) and charged to prepare a plan for the"preservation, interpretation, development and use of the historic, cultural and architectural resources of the Lowell Historic Canal District." The legislation creating the Commission was sponsored by Congressmen Thomas P. O'Neil, Jr. and Paul Cronin, and by Senators Edward Kennedy and Edward Brooke. With the assistance of Congressman Paul Tsongas, $150,000 was appropriated for the Commission's work which is to be completed by Jan- uary, 1977.

The legislation specified a broadly representative body, reflecting the goal of intergovernmental cooperation which has always characterized the cultural park concept. Chaired by Massachusetts Lt. Governor Thomas P. O'Neill, Ill, the Commission is composed of representatives from Lowell, the State, the National Park Service, and the United States Departments of Housing and Urban Development, Transportation, Commerce, and Interior. This multi-agency composition has proven to be an asset to the Commission by insuring the preparation of a balanced plan which is workable from many viewpoints.

After several organizational and orientation meetings, in August, 1975 the Commission issued a request for proposals covering planning and design services. Over 75 consultants expressed interest in the project, including many nationally recognized firms. Following several review sessions, the Commission selected The Lowell Team, a joint venture of David A. Crane and Partners/DACP, Inc., Gelardin/Bruner Cott Inc., and Michael Sand and Associates, Inc. Throughout the selection process, the Commission cooperated extensively with, and received substantial support from the Lowell City Development Authority, the Lowell Human Services Corporation, and the Office of Congressman Paul Tsongas."


The Lowell Team was:

David A. Crane and Partners/DACP, Inc.

Jonathan S. Lane (Project Coordinator);John Shields, Dennis Frenchman (Primary Staff); Richard Glaser, Randolph Jones, Janis Mones, Bruce Schultz (Support Staff).

Gelardin/Bruner Cott Inc.

Robert Gelardin, Simeon Bruner, Leland Cott (Primary Staff); Phil Hresko, Tim Anderson, Guillermo Bahamon (Support Staff).

Michael Sand & Associates, Inc.

Michael Sand (Primary Staff); Alison Wampler, Nancy Olson, Frederick Kresse, Carol Monacelli, Augustine du Bois, Peter Adrian Thomas (Support Staff)

Consultants to the Lowell Team

Dr. Patrick Malone (for historical background inventory and technological and cultural review); Randolph Langenbach (for architectural history research); Economic Research Associates (for review of implementation strategies).

Source: Report of the Lowell Historic Canal District Commission to the Ninety Fifth Congress of the United States, 1977 (PDF download).

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