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Exhibit Design Since the Sixties

Explore Michael Sand’s museum exhibits and other work. A work-in-progress, the collection spans decades of design history, cultural and political history, Boston city government, and more.

Education Development Center (EDC)

From 1966-1973, Michael was Design Director for the Education Development Center. EDC was—and still is—an innovative nonprofit focusing on educational curriculum and "programs to improve education, health, and economic opportunity worldwide."

During Michael's time at EDC, he contributed to a wide range of projects, not least of which was Man: A Course of Study (MACOS), an innovative but controversial elementary school curriculum developed by cognitive psychologist Jerome Bruner. The curriculum was used nationwide in 1,700 schools across 47 states, to give more than 400,000 students insight into human behavior.

Other projects Michael designed while at EDC include The Children of Cardozo Tell It Like It Is, and Cardozo Raps, a print anthology of poems, reflections, and recordings.

We have hundreds of images (and, likely, physical files) of Michael's work with EDC that is not yet catalogued and online.

Projects in this collection: