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Explore Michael Sand’s museum exhibits and other work. An in-progress labor of love, the collection spans decades of design history, cultural and political history, Boston city government, and more.

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A cardboard box used as exhibit display reads "But for over 100 years our ancesters have been slaves for the white man. And if things don't change we always will be," in child's handwriting.

Two women assemble a vertical stack of large cardboard boxes. One woman wears a green dress, and the other wears a green and orange-checked dress. The boxes obscure the women's faces, so all that can be seen of them are their arms and torsos.

A woman in a short navy dress stands on a school chair, bending over a large cardboard boxes as she folds it into shape while preparing exhibit displays. The tops of her dark stockings are visible.

A young boy in a black, shearling-lined hat with ear flaps and a corduroy jacket looks directly at the camera.

Standing inside a church, looking directly toward the front doors. The shot is framed symetrically, looking dorectly toward a stack of boxes in the configuration of a cross, with a vertical stack of boxes to the left of the doors and a vertical stack…

Standing inside a church, looking out towards the front doors. To the left of the arched doorway are two vertical stacks of cardboard box displays. To the right are a stack of boxes in the configuration of a cross with four boxes in a line on the…

Close up of a child's drawing of a street scene. A large black shape followed by four large, colorful buildings span the page. The buildings are pink, blue, yellow, and red. In front of the buldings is a large swath of green grass, with a pink…

Close up of a child's drawing of a stick figure girl standing between a man and a woman. The man holds an object labelled "Ham," and a speech bubble from him reads "run Sally."

Exhibit display of a child's quote reading "A soul brother is a person who love each other" on the side of a cardboard box. A cardboard exhibit display next to it holds a child's drawing of a series of storefronts with a sign reading "Soul Bro."

A cardboard box used as exhibit display reads "If I were a white person this weekend I would put tar all over me or go to a place and hide," in child's handwriting.
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