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Explore Michael Sand’s museum exhibits and other work. An in-progress labor of love, the collection spans decades of design history, cultural and political history, Boston city government, and more.

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Artist's rendering in black marker of a building facade featuring a doorway. The facade next to the door is a large, bright blue panel with a reversed out profile of a face, and the words "Little City Hall" in white.

Rough mock-up of a standard business envelope featuring a concept from the Little City Hall identity. In the upper left-hand corner is printed "Roxbury Little City Hall." Across the length of the envelope is a light gray watermark of several faces in…

Rough mock-ups of matching letterhead and envelope set depicting the Little City Hall red tape identity. The letterhead features a large red ribbon of tape across the top edge. The tap starts in a knot, then becomes completely straight. The motif is…

Rough mock-ups of signage and letterhead are pinned to a wall. The sign, printed across two pieces of paper taped together, reads "Boston Little City Halls: We cut all the red tape." Two thick pieces of red ribbon are curled up on either side of the…

A rough mock-up of an envelope for the Little City Hall concept. In the upper left-hand corner, a logo features a thick, light gray line in the shape of a face in profile, with a simple blue circle for an eye. To the left reads "Allston/Little City…

A rough mock-up of letterhead for the Little City Hall concept featuring a light gray face in profile.

Rough mock-ups of a letterhead and envelope set. In the upper left-hand corner of each document, it reads "Roxbury Little City Hall." A large but faint watermark across each depicts abstract faces of various citizens in profile.

A rough mock-up of a logo for the Little City Hall concept. The logo features a thick, light gray line in the shape of a face in profile, with a simple blue circle for an eye. To the left reads "Allston/Little City Hall" with hashmarks representing…

Close up of mocked-up letterhead featuring a thick red ribbon across the top edge, likely representing the "red tape" of city government, and separated by the words "Little City Hall." To the left of the text, the tape is tangled into a chaotic knot.…

Rough sketches of components of the Little City Hall visual identity. From left to right: "Stationary: One 8 1/2 x 11, embossed if possible, red from Letrafilm," with a sketch of the letterhead featuring a large red ribbon of tape across the top…
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