Meet Michael

Born in 1940, Michael Sand was a prolific museum designer and educator who pioneered the use of interactive, “hands-on” exhibit design, launching a wave of innovative children’s museums in cities across the country.

Explore the Work

Michael left us with more than 15,000 digital images and 60-75 linear feet of documents, letters, sketches, plans, collateral, photographs, and other physical materials spanning more than 128 projects (and counting). The collection reflects the deeply collaborative and experimental nature of Michael’s career and the radical evolution of the museum design field in the 20th century.

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About the Archives

Michael amassed a vast archive dating back to the early ’60s (client files, print collateral, project samples, street photography), covering decades of museum exhibits, design history, cultural and political history, Boston city government, and more. The archives are currently managed by Jess Sand and Zoe Donahue, Michael’s daughters. Our long-term goal is to get this collection safely preserved, then online and publicly accessible here.

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