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Michael left us with more than 15,000 digital images and 60-75 linear feet of documents, letters, sketches, plans, collateral, photographs, and other physical materials spanning more than 128 projects (and counting). The collection reflects the deeply collaborative and experimental nature of Michael’s career and the radical evolution of the museum design field in the 20th century.

We currently have approximately 8,000 items catalogued in the database and are adding items as time allows. To stay tuned into new additions, subscribe to the Archives Update newsletter.

The vast majority of items are digital images Michael converted from slides before his death. We continue to add physical items as we catalog them but, like many, have been hampered by the pandemic. Search the finding aid or reach out if you’re looking for something specific.

“What’s important is to see who leaves first, the parent or the child. There’s an honesty in the child’s response. That’s what I’m after—not an aesthetic design result, especially, but the reality of the hands-on experience.”

Michael Sand