Boston Children’s Museum


In 1964, just a year after graduating from RISD with a degree in industrial design, Sand was appointed Design Director of the Boston Children’s Museum by director Michael Spock. It was a bold move to transform an otherwise conventional museum into a “hands-on” enterprise encouraging self-directed exploration and experimentation. Sand’s design team produced exhibits like the Giant’s Desktop, a collection of office supplies scaled up to twelve times their original size, allowing visitors to climb on and interact with seemingly mundane objects in new ways and discover a sense of scale.

From a 2002 portfolio package Sand produced for his company, Rare Media, Well Done, Inc.:

“In early 1964, the museum’s new director, Michael Spock, asked the not-very-experienced Michael Sand to join in rethinking the museum as a participatory environment. Sand was given the responsibility of developing some of the museum’s most popular hands-on exhibits including Size and How Movies Move. Sand also designed the Museum Kits (circulation 1000 kits per year), which currently reach 50,000 students throughout New England.”